Franchise Information

Type of ExpenditureAmountPayment MethodPayment DuePayable To
Initial franchise fee See Note (1)$20,000Lump sumOn signing Franchise AgreementUs
Real estate/truck storage See Note (2) only if you elect to lease a truck docking station$0 – $500As incurredBefore beginning operationsLessor
Stationary equipment for storing product and syrup preparation$1,500As arrangedBefore beginning operationsApproved suppliers, 3rd parties
Truck, equipment, computer hardware and related items See Note (3)$105,000Lump sum, financed, or as arrangedBefore beginning operationsUs, approved suppliers, 3rd parties
Shipping and delivery of truck$0 – $2,000As arrangedBefore beginning operations3rd Parties
Tax, title and licensing of the truck See Note (4)$2,000 – $7,500As arrangedBefore beginning operations3rd Parties
Vehicle insurance See Note (5)$750 – $1,500As arrangedBefore beginning operationsInsurance company
Initial inventory See Note (6)$1,500 – $2,500As arrangedBefore beginning operationsApproved suppliers, 3rd parties
Travel and living expense while in training See Note (7)$250 – $750As arrangedBefore beginning trainingEmployees or staff, airlines, rental car agencies, restaurants, hotels, etc…
Legal and accounting See Note (10)$250 – $500As arrangedBefore beginning operationsAttorney, accountant
Additional funds – 3 months See Note (11)$1,000 – $4,000As arrangedAs necessary3rd Parties and us
TOTAL (12)$132,500 – $146,000

Ultimate Ice Cream Truck

Franchise Marketing Support

Marketing your business to potential customers is the most important factor to help your franchise succeed. That’s why Tikiz offers a complete online collection of branded promotional products, apparel, customizable marketing materials and much more to help you launch and operate your Tikiz Business.

· Online ordering for Tikiz Branded Promotional Products like event flyers, brochures, business cards and giveaway items· Downloadable templates and Tikiz Branding Guides help you create the right advertisement to speak directly to your customers

· Assistance launching your social media, online and local advertising efforts

· Tikiz provides you with your own page on that allows people to search for your Truck, access your social media links, view photos, promotions, contact you, book events and more!

Low Investment

The Tikiz total investment ranges between $132,500 to $146,000 ($20,000 franchise fee included, along with $1,000 to $4,000 of working capital).

The Tikiz Business is a complete turn-key package with everything included from the truck, equipment, supplies and docking station equipment to marketing materials, Tikiz apparel, licenses, permits, insurance and miscellaneous items needed to successfully launch and operate your business.

There are even third-party banks that provide optional financing with approved credit and a small down payment.