The benefits of starting your own business with Tikiz

Owning a Tikiz franchise is an investment with many benefits, including low overhead costs and high-profit margins. In addition, you won’t have to pay expensive rent or utility bills because it’s mobile operations that allow for the operation of your business anywhere without needing employees.

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The Tikiz Mobile Business is a unique business strategy that lets you ‘go where the crowds are’: residential locations, carnivals, or fairs. This way, you can get more customers and opportunities for sales. This franchise system is an excellent way for you to start your own successful business. With extensive support services, such as brand name identity and logo with trademark protection.

The Tikiz Mobile Business is a godsend for any business owner who needs to get their product into the hands of customers. The new technology and app make it so much easier than ever before, with more flexibility in choosing where you go.

You’ll also receive superior truck operating systems that will ensure that your company’s day-to-day management, runs smoothly. And don’t forget all those marketing materials they provided – they’re only going up in value over time, so invest now.

With a complete grand opening program and ongoing marketing, Tikiz will provide each franchisee with effective advertising materials to differentiate themselves from the competition. They’ll also give you all sorts of sales tools so that your business can maintain its fresh image as well.

Learn Why you should be the next owner of a Tikiz Ice cream Truck

Why you should invest in a Tikiz Franchise

Large Family Runs Small Mobile Business

Low Initial Investment

Tikiz is more than just a truck. It’s an investment opportunity that will make you millions in profits. The total cost to get started with Tikiz ranges from $132,500-$146k ($20K franchise fee included) and includes everything from equipment, supplies & docking station kits down to marketing materials for successfully launching your own business.

You can even try of third-party financing through approved Banks. This way, you make small down payments, which have helped many people start up their first successful company themselves instead of paying others high-interest rates on loans.

The Truck: Eye-catching Vending Vehicle

The Tikiz Shave Ice and Ice Cream Truck is a one-of-a-kind experience. Its conceptual development places no limits on the custom components that would ensure its ultimate appeal to customers.

The truck’s key features include:

Brand New Fuel Efficient Ford heavy-duty chassis and custom-built body; Patented ‘Surv -Board’ where customers can dispense their fruit syrup creations with just one tap on the screen.

Tikiz Shave Ice and Ice Cream

An obvious Hawaiian beach-themed wrap around its exterior serves as advertisements for all the fantastic products while providing shade from sun or rain alongside having some fun surfboards placed at both ends of this working vehicle.

No generators are needed because everything runs off high output batteries charged overnight or through alternators from the own truck.

Tikiz Truck is the ultimate in luxury. This customized truck features custom stainless steel and aluminum cabinets, quality refrigeration equipment for your foodstuffs with advanced electronic gauges that keep you informed about everything going on behind the wheel.

The self-contained water system allows us to drink and wash our hands if needed too, which will make this long road trip more pleasant than ever before.

And when night falls? HID headlight bulbs are so bright they’ll light up any path ahead, while siren-styled LED strobe lights to add even more sparkle under those low-lit areas.

Tikiz Shaved Ice and Ice Cream

Tikiz Truck Business: The Recipe for Success

A successful mobile vending business has a few key ingredients that must be present to succeed.  One of these crucial factors is an eye-catching vehicle and popular products; next, you need high-profit margin items with quick delivery times so as much volume can flow through the system faster than possible.

A solid final component has your product fulfillment center, which helps manage inventory levels while streamlining production time.

Tikiz Franchise Marketing Support

Tikis is a leading brand for food franchise marketing support and more. Tikiz offers a whole online collection of branded promotional products to help you launch your business in style!

They also provide downloadable templates so that it’s easy to create an advertisement tailored just for customers like yourself who want what’s best – quality service with great tastes at affordable prices.

Low Expenses

The Tikiz Business Model is a one-stop-shop for all your retail needs. There’s no need to waste money and time building out the store when there’s an easier way: go where customers are. Now you can reach the customers where they are with this wheeled store.

Tikiz is built to go anywhere, so it’s always there for your business. So, the investment stays intact no matter what location you decide to go to.

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When you’re a small business owner, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the responsibility that comes along. Building your retail store can be expensive and time-consuming; there are surprises all around every corner waiting for someone new who doesn’t know what they need or want in their space.

The Tikiz Business Model offers an answer, though, because instead of spending months getting things ready before opening up shop-you go right where customers already are.

High Profits

How profitable can be a Tikiz Business? There are many things involved in determining the level of revenues and expenses for your new successful enterprise.

Your skills, territory size, overhead costs, etc., will all influence profitability. In addition, Federal Trade Commission regulations prohibit earnings claims by prospective franchisees. As a result, they rely heavily upon their clients to supply information about their estimates when putting together a Pro-forma to see how they are doing.

Other Benefits

Unlimited Customers

Flexible Hours

No Need for Employees

Brand Identity and Logo (Trademark Protection)

Corporate training for owner-operators and employees

Excellent Tikis Truck Operating Systems, Methods, and Workflow Design

Marketing and Advertising Materials, Sales Tools, and Branded Merchandise

Custom Tikiz Software Management Accessible on iPad or Android Tablet

Operating Manual, Policies, Procedures, and Business Management Systems

Ongoing Updates for Increasing Profitability and Maintaining a fresh Image

Favorable National Contracts With Suppliers of Goods and Services For Volume Purchasing


Learn Why you should be the next owner of a Tikiz Ice cream Truck

Why you should invest in a Tikiz Franchise

Large Family Runs Small Mobile Business

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The benefits of starting your own business on Tikiz

The Benefits of Starting your own business with Tikiz