What Is Tikiz Truck Ice Cream Business

Tikiz Franchising

What is Tikiz Truck Ice Cream Business

What’s better than ice cream? How about an ice cream truck that you can find and follow around the city to get your frozen treat. Tikiz Truck is a company that provides this service, but it isn’t just any old ice cream truck – they offer unique flavors like avocado and fig! They also have vegetarian options for those who want to enjoy their delicious treats without harming animals. 

Tikiz Franchising
Tikiz Franchising

1. Tikiz Truck specializes in creating and delivering unbelievably delicious and healthy ice cream. Tikiz Truck is the world’s first mobile truck ice cream franchise that provides high-quality, customizable soft serve with organic and natural ingredients to your event.

Tikiz Truck Ice Cream Business is an exceptional business with a catchy name. The company’s goal was to provide the best ice cream experience worldwide. Tikiz has achieved this goal quite well and now offers trucks, carts, kiosks, and trailers all over the United States. Tikiz Shaved Ice is a fun, new concept that has taken over the nation. 

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These mobile franchises provide an affordable way for residents in any community to get their tropical flavors on tap with delicious desserts such as Halo-Halo (a Filipino favorite), or Cheesecake dipped in chocolate fondue.

With more than 20 trucks across America today–and another 30 total scheduled additions!–you’ll never be too far from fresh icy treats at this innovative company backed by years of success within Boca Raton, Florida alone, where they were founded.

They are renowned for their amazing frozen treats like gourmet popsicles, gelato popsicles, sorbet popsicles, and more. They also make delicious handcrafted artisanal ice creams and serve them along with freshly baked waffle sandwiches, dipping cupcakes, and an assortment of drinks. Each day they offer a different flavor for its iced creams and pancakes—and you can feel free to ask them to sample as many flavors as you want before deciding what you want.

Tikiz Franchising
Tikiz Franchising

2. Tikiz Truck is ice cream on demand. With their mobile ice cream truck, they visit your event to provide fun and delicious treats while you celebrate.

They make it easier for you to offer ice cream at your next party, fundraiser, or family gathering. Their yummy treats will delight your guests while staying true to healthy-yet-delicious flavors that everyone can enjoy. You may think of them as the party planner who happens to deliver their dessert without even asking.

We’re an ice cream truck business and a mobile dessert cafe on wheels that features soft-serve ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, & kids’ favorite frozen foods. Tikiz Shaved Ice and Ice Cream is changing the way people think about ice cream. With over 20 trucks on the road, they are expanding across America with year-round options for sales growth.

Tikiz Franchise
Tikiz Franchise

3. They maintain a one-of-a-kind experience that locals crave in their communities from Boca Raton, Florida.

The fast-growing mobile franchise will soon be exploding into other parts of our great country by providing an exciting hint at tropical flavors while also being delicious.

They offer more than 18  flavors, all of which are made with locally sourced ingredients. Its truck has no electricity to freeze the ice cream, so they use a recyclable water cooler on its premises to freeze the product before they sell it. 

4. They’re an eco-friendly company too – making every effort to use as many recycled materials as possible for its deliveries and production. They make everything from fresh almond butter cups, Amaretto chocolate chip, snickerdoodle cookies & cream, peppermint patty crunch; Caramel sea salt; clam chowder; raspberry sorbet, to name a few.

Your first stop for a cold treat this summer should be the Tikiz Truck. The owner, Alex, has been operating his ice cream business since 2014, and he’s only getting better with age. With flavors like honey lavender and blackberry mint, you can find your perfect match in no time.

He’ll even make vegan ice cream if you ask nicely. He uses soy milk to keep it dairy-free and sweetened with agave syrup instead of refined sugar (so it’s healthier too).

If you want something more traditional (like cookies ‘n’ cream or chocolate chip), they’ve got that too. All their ingredients are sourced locally when available to support other businesses in the same industry.

5. Tikiz Truck Ice Cream Business is a business that was created to provide people with the best and freshest ice cream they could get. The company’s mission statement is “Tikiz delivers on its promise of providing customers with an outstanding product, excellent service, and personal interaction.”  

Tikiz Truck serves ice cream, sorbet, and fresh fruit in a paper cone tucked into an eco-friendly plastic sleeve to keep your hands relaxed. Its cones are printed with soy ink on all-natural tree-free paper, making it easier on the environment than plastic.

Its vegan products are also organic and gluten-free. In addition, all truck drivers have been vetted against FBI background checks for national security protection. So you know that every person who prepares or delivers your packets of joy has had their fingerprints retained by federal law enforcement agencies to compare them with any records of convicted felons. 

Tikiz is a company that focuses on the “raw, hormone-free, antibiotic-free” food plan. So how do they make ice cream? All of their ice cream and other products are made with organic, raw milk and eggs. However, Tikiz’s star product will always be its original vegan flavor – Vanilla Cream.

PRX Performance
PRX Performance

They offer catering services for private parties as well. Contact Tikiz Truck today to learn more about how they can help you with your next event or party. 

If it’s time to plan the perfect outdoor event, there’s no better way than partnering up with Tikiz Truck Ice Cream Business. The company started in 2012 and will bring their mobile ice cream stand full of tasty treats right where you want them– whether on-site or off-site, near water or away from it all. 

All Tikiz Truck Ice Cream Businesses are family-owned and operated.

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